Have you ever wondered, is eating eggs safe for you? If yes, then how many eggs you should consume in a day?

The egg is a healthy food and it is a great source of protein, and other nutrients. For an optimal health, we should add a few eggs in our daily breakfast meal because scientifically, eating 3 eggs in a normal routine is perfectly fine.

Simple egg yolk is full of wonders, as it contains essential vitamins, proteins, and minerals that contribute to one’s brain health and overall body development.

As a savvy individual, you should be fully aware of egg facts and egg consuming effects. You need to know:

  • The health benefits of  eggs
  • The best way to cook an egg
  • The right number of eggs you need to eat in a day
  • What nutritionist say about eating eggs daily

No matter, you are on a diet or you are thinking to start body building. Knowing about eggs is significantly important.

This complete nutrition guide will help cover the following aspects like Egg benefits for Skin and Hair, Egg benefits for BodyBuilding, Dieting along with egg facts and other egg health advantages.

This article contains:

Major Egg Benefits

As we said before, eggs are the great nutritious food and you will find all essential nutrients in an egg that are required for the healthy functioning of your body.

Adding eggs to your daily diet will keep your skin, hairs and overall body healthy. Eggs provide essential amino acids, proteins and other macro-nutrients that in combination regulate various body functions of a human body.

Egg contains essential nutrients and minerals that hold your body healthy and fit.These details tell us why is eating eggs important.

Eating eggs keep the skin in a good health. Eggs are good for the mind and they improve your mood. Moreover, applying egg mixture to hair and skin provides significant advantages.

Let’s explore in depth what other benefits we get by eating eggs.

Eggs for Skin

Now talking about egg benefits for skin. Egg white is incredibly helpful for it. You know that egg whites are full of albumin and protein that improve skin texture and keep it healthy.

Women can always prepare a face mask from egg white. It cleanses the face and removes facial hair.

In addition, egg whites tighten large pores in the skin and also close it up. Applying egg white mask once a week is consistently beneficial.

Egg for skin

Regular use of egg whites on the skin can make it wrinkle free because egg white has skin tightening properties. In addition, egg whites control the skin oil and you can make it an oil control solution for your skin.

Another advantage is that egg whites prevent skin acne. People who are facing acne problem can help themselves by using egg white.

[fact text=”Caution: Take care, when you apply egg white on acne skin. Always apply gently and use fingers to avoid allergic reactions on the skin.” type= “hack”]

Use of Eggs for Hair

Coming towards the benefits of eggs for hair. The most notable advantage of using egg for skin is that it cleanses and controls the scalp oiliness. You can get rid of scalp oiliness by applying egg mixture in your hairs.

Thicker Hair

Not only this, applying egg mixture in head keeps the hairs shiny and soft. Egg white is the biggest source of protein. For this reason, people can use egg as a natural hair fall solution.

Egg Benefits in Body Building

If you wish to put on some quality muscles, the egg whites are excellent source of protein.

[fact text=”It is said that in one egg there are almost 6 grams of good quality proteins and one medium boiled egg contains 70 calories.” type= “book”]

Body Building

Thus, as a bodybuilder, you need to eat egg whites for your muscle growth. There is not any specific number of egg whites that you should eat in a day. It just depends on your need.

However, you can eat 10-15 egg whites in a day along with other prescribed foods during body building.

Advantages of Eggs for Dieting and Weight Loss

Eggs are full of nutrients and especially, the egg yolk is full of calories. As eggs provide great energy, you might be thinking how eggs can help reduce weight.

Eggs for Dieting and Weight Loss

You need to know that egg meals are quite fulfilling. They reduce food intake and eventually, a person can reduce his weight.
[fact text=”Many studies have revealed that eggs boost metabolism level that burns fats stored in the body.” type= “gen”]

If you eat eggs in the breakfast, it will provide you with enough energy and you will take less food for lunch and dinner. This is what prior studies have also shown that intake of eggs for breakfast significantly decreases the calories intake of a person. Therefore, you should start eating egg meals to continue your diet plans successfully.

Nutrients in Egg

Eggs are easily prepared and they are available at economical rates. Irrespective of the method you use for cooking an egg, keep in mind that eating eggs is a healthy habit.

Nutrients in Egg

Besides this, what makes eggs so special is their nutritional value. In 50 grams of egg, you will find the following nutrients:

  • Vitamin D 11% DV
  • Cholesterol 62% DV
  • Vitamin B12 9% DV
  • Vitamin A 6% DV
  • Folate 5% DV
  • Phosphorous 9% DV
  • Riboflavin 15% DV
  • Selenium 22% DV

Another thing that eggs provide us is choline. You might not have heard of it.
[fact text=”Choline is an important element in the egg that helps in production of cell membranes and body muscles.” type= “book”]

Furthermore, eating eggs decreases the risk of heart attack because eggs don’t raise blood cholesterol and in actual, they promote good cholesterol in the body.

Where eggs provide incredible advantages to our body, they also keep our eye in good health. This is because eggs have a high level of vitamins and nutrients that reduce the risk of blindness.

Egg Facts, Nutrition, Safe Eating and Raw Eggs

Here are 6 egg facts that you didn’t know before.

  • Some studies reveal that eating one egg in a day reduces the chance of stroke by 12%.
  • The properly boiled eggs are a good source of vitamin D that keeps your bones healthy and teeth strong. Due to vitamin D, the calcium level remains optimum and it strengthens your skeleton.
  • One of the disadvantages of eggs is that it is a source of salmonella that causes poisoning. It is a widespread disease in America and as a result, it increases the medical cost in the state.
  • Eating too many eggs raises cholesterol level that can lead to diabetes and heart attack.
  • In order to maximize egg production, around 200 million baby chicks in America are grounded annually that is an immoral act.
  • Do you know that egg-laying hens are allocated a very small place in factory cages usually it is equal to an I-Pad. This is how egg-laying hens are abused in factory farms.

Side Effects of Eating Eggs

You are aware that there are two parts in an egg, the yolk and white liquid. Whether you eat eggs as raw, cooked or boiled, they taste great. But do you believe egg whites are as beneficial as they are said to be?

Because eating too many eggs in a day can bring many side effects.

Egg Side Effects

If you like to eat raw eggs, you need to know that it can be attacked by bacteria. In a raw albumin, there can be salmonella bacteria that exists on the outer surface of the egg, and it can also exist inside the egg and it can cause illness.

In order to kill salmonella bacteria, you need to increase the cooking time of the egg. With this, increasing temperature will also help to kill it.

Other than that, eating raw eggs can cause biotin depletion. Deficiency of biotin that is actually vitamin H or vitamin B7 can bring serious problems. You may face pain in muscles, while hair loss or cramps can occur.

If you keep on eating raw eggs for many days, your body may face biotin shortage that can cause serious health problems.

Furthermore, you can face skin allergy if you regularly consume egg whites in a large quantity. The type of allergic reactions you may face include coughing, nausea, cramps, vomiting, diarrhea and sneezing etc.

eating raw eggs

In severe cases, a person may face difficulty in breathing and his blood pressure can rise. In addition, swelling of throat and mouth have been seen commonly.

Since eggs are a rich source of proteins, accumulation of proteins in muscles can be harmful. You might face kidney problems due to the overload of egg protein in muscles.

Nutritionist’s Guide

Enough of the above discussion on egg benefits. Now, let’s have a nutritionist’s guide.

Here you need to know that most of the nutritionists say that eggs play a significant role in body development because they are rich in proteins and nutrients.

Egg Nutrition

Eggs are the best combination of amino acids and vitamins that strengthen body muscles and repair body muscles.

For maintaining a good brain health, eating eggs is crucial. The choline in egg yolk optimizes the neurotransmitters and detoxify the liver as well.

As we discussed earlier, experts also agree that eggs are beneficial for bone development. In order to make yourself strong, you should consume a required number of eggs in a day.

Above all, eggs are available at affordable prices in the market and most people can eat it.

So, you can prepare delicious egg recipes in your daily meal. On the other hand, there is a word of caution provided by nutritionists related to eating eggs.

Pitfalls of Consuming Eggs

Here we will discuss pitfalls of consuming eggs step by step.

As we know, eggs contain some amount of fats and cholesterol that lead to heart problems. Thus, you need to take a balanced diet. In this way, you can avoid possible dangers related to eating eggs.

Egg Consumption

After knowing side effects of eggs, you shouldn’t fear of eating eggs. Instead, you need to clear all misunderstandings and eat a recommended number of eggs in a day.

In a case, the person is having a heart problem, it is better to avoid eggs and consult your doctor. The latest study results show that people facing obesity and they are avoiding insulin get lower inflammation and body fats.

Furthermore, you need to know that eggs that are cooked at high temperature cause high levels of oxidized cholesterol. Thus, you should avoid egg meals that are cooked at high temperature.


As a precaution, you should avoid eating salmonella contaminated eggs. These eggs are not kept under proper hygienic conditions. Therefore, always eat fresh eggs that are produced under strict hygienic conditions.

We hope you took something positive from our Egg Nutrition Guide. Above, egg facts are quite fascinating and some you even haven’t known before. Feel free to drop us any queries or ideas in the comment section.


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