Benefits of Green Tea are certainly numerous. Consuming tea has evolved to such an extent that almost 75% of the world’s population cannot animate without it. Tea is most certainly the next best thing to water. On the contrary, to state that green tea is a healthful drink is downright an understatement.

Not only is this brew a source of natural goodness, but it sustains innumerable favors to our human body. It sustains healthful nutrients and active antioxidants.  If you desire to discover the benefits of green tea that could reach out to you, read away.

Green tea is contrived from leaves of Camellia Sinensis that are spared from the process of fermentation, unlike black regular tea.  In addition, Green Tea is widely cultivated in China, with a supply of over 83% of the world’s exports.

Green tea came into existence over 4000 years ago and is said to be the oldest plant that forms tea. Legends proclaim that this medicine was brewed for the first time, in 2737 BC. No wonder people have been sustaining the multitude uses of this herb since then.

benefits of green tea

Following, you will find competent remedies and benefits provided by the regular use of green tea, that will reveal a more organized, yet a healthy systematic way of life.

This article contains:

  1. A List of Healthful Green Tea Benefits
  2. Green Tea Diet For Effective Weight Loss
  3. Types of Green Tea Existing
  4. Recipe to Brew Green Tea

A list of healthful Benefits of Green Tea

green tea benefits

Talking about a potion that sustains capabilities of benefiting your body, from your internal organs to your weight, almost everyone wants to achieve next level favors.

Furthermore, it is a tea packed with antioxidants and nutrients that nourish every inch of your body, inside out. To state the truth, once you’re aware of the perks of green tea, you just wouldn’t be able to resist. As Lana Del Ray, being a green tea enthusiast now says,

I want daisies in my hair, green tea in my hand, and love in my heart.

Sit back hooked, as I am about to unroll ahead of you, open and wide, a list of healthful benefits of green tea that will result as a drastic, healthful turn in your life.

Green Tea Helps Cure Cancer

green tea cures cancer

Beyond a doubt, you read that right. Consuming Green Tea on a daily basis helps cure a hindrance named Cancer. Conversely, comprehending that the research for effectiveness of green tea on Cancer has initially begun, there have been evident testimonies released.

The antioxidants present in the green tea, and further elements have certainly cut cancer short. Tea Polyphenols, also entitled as ‘Catechins’ help kill the cancer cells and stops possible production.

EGCC, a type of Catechin, sustains the potential of preventing further production of urokinase as well. It is an Enzyme desperately needed by the Cancer cells to grow over and above. Following are three major cancer types that have been victoriously prevented:

  • Breast Cancer: An analysis confessed that over 472 women afflicted by breast cancer drank over 2 cups of green tea each day and a diminishing effect on the cancer was revealed. Over 50% had managed to get rid of their breast cancer.
  • Prostate Cancer: A Chinese study affirms that a decrease of 70% was evidently seen on the men that were suffering from Prostate Cancer. All they did was drink more than 3 cups of herbal green tea, every day. They were more than revealed to witness the awe-striking results.
  • Colorectal Cancer: On being made to consume +3 cups of green tea, almost every day, these 69710 Chinese women did not lose hope. Over 57% of the risk of Colorectal Cancer depreciated for these women. On the contrary, it is certainly safe to say that the higher the consumption rate in a country, the lower the cancer rate to witness.

Green Tea Lowers possibilities of a Heart disease

heart disease

Due to the high polyphenol content found in the green tea, the formation of clots around the heart is prevented. This is most evidently the dominant cause of a heart attack. The elements in green tea decrease the LDL cholesterol and triglycerides that decrease the risk of having to meet a heart disease.

In a survey held in Japan, 20,530 Japanese adults were to drink over 5 cups of green tea in order to unravel the science. The results were a decrease of 26% in the deaths caused by heart diseases. Further, due to the consumption of green tea, a decrease of 16% in the deaths overall is noticeable in these adults.

Green tea improves our cardiovascular health, ensuring to purify every blood stream from toxins or harmful enzymes. The results are undoubtedly compelling and make your heart feel youthful.

Green Tea Lowers your Cholesterol level

High cholesterol

After consuming all these ruinous food that are immensely high on cholesterol, there is only one easy way to ensure a promising life. It’s understandable that not being able to give up on scrumptious food once in a while is natural. Though there is a low-cost way that will not only keep you healthy but fairly up-to-date.

Consuming at least 3 cups of green tea has assured a decrease in your cholesterol level. The large measures of polyphenols found in green tea restrict the entrance of cholesterol into our body. It has been stated that drinking over 10 cups of green tea has a monumental decrease in the LPL cholesterol, and maintains the HDL cholesterol that is constructive for the body.

For every cup of green tea, a decrease of 0.58 milligrams per deciliter is expected in your cholesterol level. To be precise, consuming green tea does show minimal effects on cholesterol, but gradually seems to take away this disease. Thus, a risk of heart attack decreases along with it as well.

Green Tea Lowers the Chances of A Stroke

brain stroke

Stroke is a leading illness that grabs lives of over 150,000 diabetics each year. It would not be certain to state that all these medical conditions come to light along with the aging process.

Arterial stiffness and a plaque buildup in the arteries, brain and heart are the causes of excess subtle carbohydrate and consumption of rice. In addition, physical activities, smoking, and the increase in stress is what lifts the chances of a stroke up.

In order to overcome the negativities, green tea should be consumed. As studies reveal, people who drank 3 cups of green tea every day experiences a 14% lower risk of a stroke. Though those who had at least 4 cups, had a 20% lower risk. This certainly concedes that consuming at least 3 cups of green tea, eradicates illness like; Heart stroke.

Conversely, it is safe to state that Green tea provides a rich amount of catechins, that as I stated are active antioxidants. They help get rid of anti-provocative properties that lower the possible risks of a stroke. After consumption of green tea, it is ensured that no blood vessel gets blocked enough to cause a stroke.

Green Tea Decreases Type 2 Diabetes

lower your diabetes

Articulating about a persistent disease that tends to spread after a certain increase in the glucose levels, could be invariable for most. The condition where the pancreas is unable to produce insulin is titled as Diabetes Type 1, which is everlasting.

Whereas, Diabetes Type 2 results due to environmental or genetic aspects. Some may suffer from this disease due to obesity, stress, poor diet, or an apple shaped body. This situation is certainly short-lived as it can be reduced.

It has been stated that Green tea and its high antioxidant content makes it possible to eliminate Type 2 Diabetes. EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) is just another type of a polyphenol, that has been stated as the core ingredient providing benefits. The reaction may vary, it certainly assists to stimulate the cells that process the sugar better.

To validate my point, studies reveal that Japanese adults that drank up to 5 cups of green tea per day met a decrease of 33% in developing Type 2 Diabetes than people who drank just 1 cup, a week. This makes it certain to state that consuming green tea can possibly have an enormous impact on diabetics.

Green Tea Gets Rid of Inflammatory Skin Disease

skin disease cure

Almost every other soul comes upon meeting skin conditions like; dandruff, lupus-persuaded lesions, and psoriasis, that could be bothersome. This is where green tea comes in the picture.

It has been stated that green tea was tested on an animal model with dry, crimson, wacky skin that was inflamed and over-produced. With its consumption, a significant decrease in the growth of skin cell was visible, making the process slower.

Further, a gene was exhibited that seemed to standardize the cells’ life cycles. Green tea seems to eliminate the condition of psoriasis very seemingly, where skin cells reproduce rapidly going out of control, making it thicker. It hooks control of the skin cells.

In addition, Green tea polyphenols like;  epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), epigallocatechin (EGC), gallocatechin (GC) and epicatechin (EC), are claimed to slow down the evolution of signs of ages by more than 2%. Certainly making people look younger and vigorous on more consumption of green tea.

Green Tea Improves Your Working Memory

working brain

For a person who wants to make their brain healthier naturally, green tea is downright the one-stop destination for them. To validate my statement, it has been declared in a study of 12 people who drank pure green tea, exhibited an increase in the connectivity between frontal and the parietal cortex of the brain. It was compared to those that drank a black tea beverage.

It was further revealed that green tea managed to improve the performance of their working memory, making them function much quicker. Also making treatment of cognitive impairments along with dementia, healable. Green tea contains caffeine and also has L-theanine (An amino acid), which is able to make you smarter.

It is entirely dependable on you, whether to consume it as a liquid beverage or to take green tea supplements on a daily basis. Only if you need healthier, recommendable results. Rachel Foreman, A green tea devotee states:

My levels of motivation correlate directly with the amount of tea I have left.

Decreases the Risk of Alzheimer and Parkinsons

alzheimer patient

Alzheimer is a condition caused due to a neurological disorder that damages/kills the brain cells over time. This certainly causes memory loss and psychological decline. This predicament can begin from a mild situation, progressing into being worse. This may be caused due to economic, lifestyle factors, though genetic aspect is expected to be as low as 5%.

This death of brain cells is moderately caused by the growth of toxic fragments named ‘amyloid beta.’ It is certain to say that green tea eliminates possibilities of Alzheimer as it prevents the formation of amyloid beta. It further helps the brain by creating advanced neurons and preventing any array of fragments from blocking the nerves.

To endorse my statement, it has been stated that over 54% of the reduction of psychological decline has been detected after the consumption of +3 cups of green tea each day. Green tea  seems to rejuvenate our brain cells, making us feel progressive and fresh.

It Kills Bacteria and Improves Dental Health


Green tea sustains anti-oxidants that are our body’s major armor against free, harmful radicals. Since it’s known that bioflavonoids boost our immune system, it is certainly safe to state that Green tea fights against harmful bacteria and pathogens.

In an analysis of 11 people, it was found that drinking up to 3 cups of green tea for two weeks tripled the immune system’s functionality. It started producing an infection-fighting antibody called interferon gamma more often.

Conversely, the body’s immune system starts to function more rapidly as these tea molecules imitate the surface proteins of the bacteria. This makes them more vigilant to fight back. Green tea further makes our teeth look whiter, and stronger, emitting any sort of harmful entrance from the mouth. It kills the harmful bacteria from the surface and reduces bad breath.

Green Tea Increases The Mortality Rate

very aged woman, still living

Who doesn’t adore having a chimera of living a blissful, long life? Almost everyone aspires to get the most out of this inscrutable world. With this in question, it is more than necessary to begin consuming at least 3 cups of green tea a day as its anti-oxidants provide you exceptional goods than what you marvel.

Among the Japanese population, green tea consumption has been associated with reduced mortality rate. Their lifestyle sustains consumption of at least 5 cups of green tea a day. Considering that green tea reduces risk of attaining a heart disease, or a stroke, getting to live more is foreseeable.

After a research on 40,530 adults, those who drank more than 5 cups of green tea each day were decidedly less likely to die during a time period of 11 years. A decrease of seemingly less than 3% in mortality was countered in Japanese women who consumed green tea. And the death rate for the men among them decreased to 12%.

Green Tea Decreases Depression


In context to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it stated that a subtle decrease of 44% was noticed in 1,058 senior citizens suffering from depression syndrome. It was stated that they drank +4 cups to attain this result. It not only soothes your body, but detangles your mind from carrying futile anxiety.

Almost every soul craves to be contented for eternity, much less wish to stay depressed. Green tea helps you brawl that distress away. Like they say,

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy green tea, and that’s kind of the same thing.

Not only does green tea hydrate your skin, but if you’re depressed green tea will optimize you. Green tea sustains L-Theanine that is an amino acid, which brings along soothing aftermath to its drinkers.

It further stimulates the production of the alpha waves that are noticeable in the brain of a relaxed person. Green tea temporarily alters your mood and relaxes your body, until you overcome your depression.

Green Tea Diet For Effective Weight Loss:

For starters, What is a green tea diet?

green tea

Drinking green tea for as much 4-5 cups a day revivifies your metabolism and if you eat less, stunning weight loss is said to be acquired. Green tea diet is a scientifically proven master plan that costs next to nothing, exposing a slimmer and healthier you.

ECCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) that sustains a relatively high content in every green tea you drink, improves fat burning and forbids the production of new fat cells. It further blocks the absorption of ruinous carbohydrates that make you put on weight instantaneously.

On the contrary, green  tea diet is said to be the healthiest because it sustains immense benefit to our immune system and while we’re consuming less food, each cup of green takes the hunger pang away.

There is no discomfort in this diet as it not only helps you attain your perfect body but improves your sleep amenity.

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Conversely, green tea also has the potential to detox and cleanse our body, as a study stated that drinking green tea hinders your body from absorbing disastrous toxins.

How to follow this green tea diet?

This green tea diet sustains a prescription of drinking 4 cups of green tea each day. You may certainly consult your physician whether or not this diet has any hazardous brunt in store or you. All you have to do is follow these effortless steps, to detoxify your body and get rid of extra calories.

  • Start off your day with Green Tea:

With an empty stomach, make yourself a cup of warm or cold green tea and drink up the goodness of nature. There are some facts that state drinking cold green tea certainly helps burn more calories. This is because our body tends to utilize some energy to warm up the cold drink, working harder.

  • Drink again before Breakfast

It is certainly very important to understand how essential breakfast is for your bracing body. When starting a green tea diet, do not skip your breakfast at any condition. Once you’ve prepared your breakfast, ensure that you’ve made yourself another cup of green tea. Consume the green tea beforehand and then you may nibble on your breakfast. This way you’ll ingest less food and will sip more.

  • Consume a cup before Lunch

As this diet is entirely about eating less, but drinking more to enrich our body with the flavonoids and the catechins it desperately needs. You must sip your third cup of green tea before lunch, as this will intensify the fat-burning characteristics of the green tea and will make you feel fuller.

  • Last one before your Dinner

At last, brew a cup of green tea before you sit for supper, this will give you the equal benefits as it did throughout the day. Though it is certainly not necessary to limit yourself to 4 cups of green tea a day, you may increase the amount of liquid you consume each day.

In addition, every time you feel hungry during the day, reciprocate the snack with the green tea and slurp it away. This will not only increase the chances of weight shed, but will assist your body with the perks listed above.

Types Of Green Tea

Is there just one type of green tea, or are there many?


It is certain that there are several other recipes for green tea, sustaining different loose leaves and their own perks. The choice of what green tea to drink depends entirely on your budget, whether or not it’s easy on your pocketbook.

Moreover, you do not need an expensive variety of green tea to help you savor the freshness. Following you will find a list of green tea types that will help you decide what leaves to hold onto:

  • Gunpowder Tea

    It is imported from China in a form of small pills that bursts open when placed in warm water. It is not only high in fluoride that helps reduce dental craters, but also has an edge flavor to it, that people adore.

  • Bancha Green Tea

     It is a lower market grade tea as it is harvested with a certain delay. With over 2 grades of Bancha, it has an astringent taste that is stronger than most of the high-end tea. It has a high consumption rate in Japan and is relatively cheaper.

  • China Green Tea

    This is a great, standard tea with a subtle taste. It has a high amount of ECCG that has a lot of nutritious effects on our body.

  • Sencha Green Tea

    It is made from delicate, tiny leaves that are more expensive than any of the mentioned above. It has a refined flavor that is enriched with sweetness in relation to any other green tea though is a high-end tea. This tea has the highest concentration of polyphenols, enriching it with goodness.

  • Gyokuro Green Tea

    This tea is the most expensive beverage on the list. It’s derived out of the first flush leaves and it has a high pigmentation than most of the forms of green tea. It further has a sweet, refreshing flavor that most Japanese value.

Green Tea Brewing Recipe

It is certainly easy to brew a cup of green tea, you may utilize a tea bag, though to absorb the natural integrity of nature, make use of leaves.
At first, choose the variety of leaves you’ll be working with. Now, pursue the following steps to brew a perfect cup of green tea:

Step 1:

Add 2 TSBP of leaves you desire, into a teapot.

Step 2:

Warm at least 60ml of water at your desired temperature. Now, to avoid drinking extremely hot tea, simultaneously pour the water from the kettle into a cup. Now pour the water back into the kettle. This will help you attain an appropriate temperature.

Step 3:

Wait for at least 4 minutes to let the ingredients infuse into the water, leaving behind all the natural goodness.

Step 4:

Your green tea is ready! Pour the brewed tea into your cup and savor the flavor.

To conclude, green tea is downright an essential beverage with multitude uses and benefits. As long as we do not consume a bit too much to explore the side-effects, it’s not only healthful but refreshing for us. It is certain to say that the goods of green tea outrun its odds.

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