In a world that is evolving around working and having no track of time, exhaustion, and obesity has struck almost every household’s being. This certainly causes an unhealthy lifestyle.

The question that arises is, how exactly could Lemon detox help with that? Below you will find almost everything you need to know regarding detoxification and everything it does to your body.

In addition, almost everyone looks for a way to get rid of their toxins, cleanse their body and rejuvenate without having to move a muscle. Some root for effective pills whereas others think natural remedies are downright beneficial.

Rather than putting in so much money into pills, unnecessary appointments to the physician, that at times aren’t easy on your pocket book, adapting the use of natural remedies into your lives is less costly and incomparable.

For all the organic lovers out there, I have assorted below almost everything you need to know, about lemons and their perks in helping you cleanse your body, turning it over into a new leaf.

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Lemon Detox and its effectiveness:

For starters, why do we need lemons in our life?


Lemon is a digestive aid that helps us cleanse our body, mainly our liver. It helps remove toxins from our body only to boost the metabolism, for a noticeable weight shed. From abandoning your anxiety to revealing massive weight-loss, this small vegetable contains it all.

Furthermore, lemon raises the energy level of our body, helping it function more effectively. This vegetable helps in the cleansing of our internal organs like an internal detergent, disinfecting the immune system which keeps cold and flu million miles away.

What is the Lemon Detox?

Lemon detox has been a new trend to cleanse and help weight down the excess fat without any hassle. Flavoring your water provides a better solace to the taste buds, which is why lemon detox makes it easier to reach the designated dietary goal.

In addition, it sustains all the benefits of being an anti-oxidant drink with high intake of nutrients that help increase the vitality of our body.

Is Lemon Detox Water beneficial for you?

A lot of health advocates suggest that drinking lemon water the first thing in the morning, is all that your body needs. It not only works as a cleansing agent, but it provides a subtle glow to your skin.
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On the contrary, Lemon water cleanses the colon that helps in removing the toxins in the bowel, putting stomach problems to an easement. Gas and bloating are decreased and the nutrients level increases.

Lemon water detox also provides you a kick-start of energy the first thing in the morning, something you desperately need. As our body doesn’t produce vitamin C itself, lemon water detox is the next best thing for our body. The citrus acid in lemon helps in the production of digestive juices that improve cleansing of bowels and digestion.

Moreover, this lemon cleanse bursts refreshing nutrients inside our body, forcing an active routine. Say hello to less wrinkles, fine lines and to an eke glowing skin through this mystical cleanser. Lemon is included in many weight-shedding recipes that majorly help purify.

Healthy and effectual recipes can be found below.

Lemon Detox Recipes

Like they say,

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Learn how to make scrumptious lemonade cleanse through the following recipes, that will undoubtedly keep you contented with the results.

Master Cleanse Lemonade Mixture

This lemon water cleanse should be consumed at least 6 times a day, extra glasses drunk off this mixture would be downright appreciated. There is certainly no limit to how much you acquire.

This will reduce the penetration of harmful bacteria into your body, alongside will decrease all the respiratory problem associated with it. In order to create this lemon cleanse, following are the ingredients needed:
images (1)

Ingredients for Lemonade Water Detox

  • 2 TBSP organic lemon/lime juice
  • 2 TBSP of organic maple syrup 
  • 1/10 TSP of Cayenne pepper 
  • A glass of water

We need all these ingredients to form one glass, though you can multiply as many glasses as you wish to make at a time. Though, it should be kept in mind that they should be fresh and made separately each day if following the Master Cleanse diet.

There are certain changes that you can make to this Lemon detox but following this recipe, could provide you the effects Beyonce managed to achieve. Capsules of Cayenne pepper can most certainly be used as an alternative if you dislike the edgy taste.

This drink altogether is a godsend to your body, from keeping your immune system in flow to remove toxins and stimulating your liver, this package has it all. Adjust with this as a replacement to your normal water for the next ten days, to drop as much as 20 pounds as well.

This will also provide your skin a healthy touch-up, by nourishing it and providing it a subtle radiance.

Lemon and Mint Detox


A mixture of these two ingredients makes the process of cleansing downright stronger. This recipe sustains all the right elements to cleanse your internal body.

Ingredients for Lemon and Mint Detox

  • 1 glass purified water
  • 2 TBSP fresh lemon juice/ a sliced lemon
  • 1/10 TSP of black pepper
  • 10-12 leaves of fresh mints

Add all the ingredients together to rejoice a healthy lemon and mint detox. This will not only flush away the toxins, but will improve the dullness of the skin, showing visible luminosity.

Lemon and Cucumber Detox


Following the trend of greens, this simple recipe to make a refreshing detox is very effective, with an awe-strucking result to cleanse your body and wash off the toxins.

The ingredients needed are:

  • 8 OZ of warm, pure water
  • 4 lemons, chopped
  • 1/10 TSP salt
  • 2 cucumbers, sliced

Mix all the ingredients together in the warm water, to drink the goodness of natural herbs. Ensure to drink fresh detox regularly. In addition, Cucumber majorly helps with ensuring the skin absorbs nutrients to make it look healthy and glowing.

Side Effects sustained by Lemon Detox

What are the side-effects of consuming Lemon Water Detox?

It is with utmost certainty stated by the health advocates that consuming Lemon Water Detox, does not just come along with the greats, it sustains a downcast side as well. Its usage brings along certain risks, that if elevated, makes it necessary to visit your nearest doctor.

Following are the side-effects caused by the consumption of too much Lemon Water Detox:

  1. The consumer runs a higher risk of experiencing a heart attack due to increased blood pressure.
  2. Tiredness, nausea, hunger issues and lack of sustainability are experienced, making hunger pangs almost hard to resist.
  3. Some people undertake the detox diet, for greedy results, this results in experiencing different medical conditions as the caloric intake decreases. This is certainly dangerous.
  4. Abdominal pain, Fatigue, muscle pain, diarrhea and a burning sensation in the stomach are also brought along with the Lemon detox diet. If they persist, a doctor must immediately be consulted.
  5. The human tongue flickers from a natural pink to a pale color white during the cleanse. This results in bad breath, perplexing your situation if you’re an outgoing person.
  6. A severe lack in the calorie intake makes the person grumpy, irritable and upset. Forcing them to break into mood hesitancy.

[fact type=”hack”]If you feel dizzy, by absolutely any chance, you must consider dropping down the diet and should start eating healthy. [/fact]

Master Cleanse and everything you need to know about it:

A great noteworthy way of getting rid of your unneeded calories was first developed by Stanley Burroughs. He was an advocate of natural health who wrote about Master cleanse in his book, ‘The Master Cleanser and Healing for the Age of Enlightenment.”  Although it was published in 1976 but even after 50 years of evolution, it still remains unchanged.

What is the Master Cleanse?

Master Cleanse is a diet routine that only consists of liquids and absolutely no solid food. With the help of organic lemons, cayenne pepper, water and maple syrup, we are to keep a juice fast for as little as ten days.

This cleanses your entire body, helping it experience a re-birth along with a decrease in the total percentage of fat.

Master Cleanse helps people experience a quick weight-loss, without having to shed a single sweat. You can lose as minimum as 10 pounds in ten days, only if you motivate yourself to it. All you have to do is give up the intake of solids, start sustaining liquids and a cleansed inside along with a noticeable weight-loss will be revealed.

How exactly does it work?

This lemon cleanse attains a simple procedure to follow. This routine is divided into three sub-categories that should be drunk each day:

  1.  Morning salt water flush
  2. Nightly Laxative Tea.
  3. Master Cleanse Lemonade Mixture.

Morning salt water flush:


This effortless salt water cleanse is supposedly a drink for your early mornings. It cleanses your body and provides you a head start of nutrients that will help you function throughout the day. To create this refreshing drink, the ingredients needed are listed below:

  •  2 teaspoon of Non-Iodized salt.
  •  Lukewarm water.

Add the salt in the lukewarm water and give it a nice stir. You should drink this for the next 10 days in the morning. Furthermore, the ratio of salt should be modified accordingly to attain a perfect balance.

[fact type=”hack”]You must consume this drink in the morning with an empty stomach.[/fact]

Laxative Herbal Tea:

lemon-tea-937245_1280It is a blend of herbs and restoratives mainly working together to relieve constipation. This tea stimulates the bowel, ensuring proper movement. Furthermore, it cleanses the digestive system and enriches the body with antioxidants.
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It consists of ingredients like;

  • Buck Thom
  • Rhubarb
  • Aloe Caster oil
  • Licorice root
  • Bitter fennel fruit
  • Sweet orange peel.

This laxative can either be bought in the form of sachets or you can choose to make it, preferences are all up to you. This should be consumed nightly for the next 10 days just before you plop to your bed.

[fact type=”book”]Consuming the Laxative Herbal Tea all the time could cause side-effects like nausea and vomiting. It is to be drunk only at night.[/fact]

Does the Master Cleanse really work?

A procedure that claims to help lose fat, helps detoxify the body and cleanses it, there must be a subtle reason standing behind its confidence. Considering the fact that Beyonce lost over 20 pounds, there must be other consumers who were downright satisfied with the product.

The results are certainly phenomenal.

Master Cleanse is an effectual way to get rid of your body fat, if getting it off quick is what your concern is. This routine with lemon detox certainly helps our body other than shedding off its fat as it not only prevents colon cancer by cleansing it but also purifies the bloodstream.

Master cleanse helps relieve pressure in the blood vessels and purifies the gland and cells. Moreover, it helps preserve youth, a chimera almost every woman wishes for. It really is a wonder to help you get your extra calories off.

Additional tips to help you get your (Master Cleanse) diet right:

  1. If you have fluoride in your water, buy mineral water bottles to experience legit effectiveness.
  2. Forget every food that you know about for the next ten days, especially chocolates. And remember to only drink lemon juice detox, laxative tea, water or peppermint tea.
  3. Lurking for anything other than these four items, will downright prevent you from experiencing better results.
  4. For every time you feel hungry, walk to your kitchen to make a refreshing lemonade cleanse.
  5. Carry your lemon juice detox like it helps you breathe, make it a part of your life for the next ten days no matter what the scenario.

[fact type=”hack”]Remember: Just as you’re done with your 10 day Master Cleanse challenge, you may reintroduce solid foods that are healthy, not fatty.[/fact]

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