[Infographic] Interesting Obesity Facts and Stats you Need to Know

[Infographic] Interesting Obesity Facts and Stats you Need to Know

Some people gain weight more easily than others? Are you also naive about Obesity? 

Being obese is quite embarrassing and it leads to stress and humiliation in the social circle. Obesity raises many social problems, for both adults and children. Often, obese kids deal with bullying from their class fellows, teachers, and family members.

Though being overweight is a common problem, it becomes worse if not controlled at the right time.

Mostly, excess weight in kids leads to obesity especially, if one or both parents have obesity, chances of weight gain in kids increase.

Many studies have linked fatness and heart disease together. High level of fats stored in the body leads to serious health problems like increased blood cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, and hypertension.

Obesity Causes

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Common ones include Unhealthy Lifestyle, Lack of Physical Activity, Over Eating, and Genetics while Rare ones are Hormonal Disorder and Psychological Issues.

Obesity as a whole is a serious medical condition that leads to poor self-esteem and anxiety in children and adults. Therefore, a person should control weight right from the initial stage.

Below Infographic depicts Obesity Facts, Major Causes, and Worldwide Statistics.

Obesity Infographic


Obesity is a serious health condition that should be controlled at the initial stage. In the above Infographic, Nutrition Promise discussed different causes and health risks to help you recognize plus overcome any weight gain issues. It proves bad eating habits along with above-mentioned factors contribute to being chubby in both children and adults.

Most importantly, a person’s attitude towards its prevention highly matters, as the eating behavior of parents impacts children’s eating habits. Therefore, the best practices to deal with obesity include changing your meal routine, avoiding processed foods and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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