Presently, everyone is putting on weight much faster than before. It doesn’t matter whether you are a diet conscious person or not. It’s crucial for all to stay healthy and avoid body fat.

A fat belly is quite embarrassing. Lack of physical exercise, eating junk food and unhealthy lifestyle – either can be the possible cause of your belly fat. However, if you are committed to reducing your belly size, eating particular foods can help to get into a slimmer shape faster.

Foods to Reduce Belly Fat Naturally

When you are tired of physical exercises, and you are done with quick weight loss plans, try to change your eating schedule. This would actually work!

Tummy flattening foods include a list of healthy fruits and vegetables that boost a person’s metabolism and help reduce belly fat naturally.

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To get a flat stomach, know about some healthy fruits and veggies that only boost your efforts but give you a sense of confidence. These foods are rich in nutrients that help you shed some pounds in a couple of weeks.

Here you might be wondering which foods are fit for losing belly fat altogether?

Don’t tire yourself and check out top foods that help tighten your belly.

This article contains:

Fruits that Burn Belly Fast


When we hear of an apple, a golden saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” quickly comes to mind. Absolutely true saying, because an apple has lots of vitamins and minerals that balance blood sugar level and strengthen your immunity.


Eating apples for reducing stomach fat is an excellent choice. It is because apples are highly rich in antioxidants that reduce belly fat.

Besides this, the flavonoids and dietary fiber in apples are extremely beneficial for our health.


If you ever doubt bananas can help reduce belly fat, clear it because they can. You will find a large variety of vitamins and minerals in Banana. This fruit is rich in fiber and low in fat, thus it not only satisfies your hunger but provides instant energy.


Eating bananas in breakfast helps to reduce belly fat. According to many research studies, bananas can prove an ideal food item in your weight loss and belly tightening plan.


While looking for tummy flattening foods, you should consider eating cherries. The most remarkable thing about this fruit is its antioxidant properties.

Not only this, cherries are full of potassium that releases hypertension and aids to get natural sleep. Furthermore, cherry helps reducing belly fat and it is also known as memory-boosting food.


If we talk about a fruit that is low in calories and rich in fibers, it is Pineapple. To fulfil your daily meal requirement, adding pineapple is a healthy choice.

Pineapple is low in calories, high in water and it is good source of essential vitamins and minerals. Eating pineapple will not only boost your energy level but antioxidants in this fruit help to get rid of belly fat.


Watermelon is a great fruit for eating in summers. Since 92% of watermelon consists of water, it will not only quench your thirst in hot summers but will also provide surprising health benefits.


For burning belly fat, you should add watermelon in your daily snack. Watermelon is highly beneficial for the health because it cleanses your body and helps lose weight.

Tummy Tightening Vegetables


Cauliflower is rich in Vitamin C, fiber and other minerals. Since it contains phytochemicals and anti-inflammatory agents, it reduces the risk of heart attack and aids in weight loss. Eating cauliflower has many other health benefits.  It tastes good and it is a versatile veggie that allows preparing different meals.



To reduce belly fat, eating eggplant is highly beneficial. It is an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamin B1 and copper.
As compared to calories or carbohydrates, eggplant is high in nutrients.


Eggplant tastes delicious when prepared with garlic and lemon juice. You can cook eggplant in many other ways as well.


No one can deny the benefits of Garlic.  It is a great source of Vitamin B6 and provides many other health benefits.

Daily consumption of garlic in your meal is extremely beneficial. It lowers the cholesterol and regulates blood sugar levels. You can eat raw garlic and also cooked garlic in foods.

[fact text=”The satiety hormone in garlic decreases the food cravings and boosts the metabolism level.” type= “book”]

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. They keep your blood sugar level up and enhance body’s metabolism rate. Due to high amount of dietary fiber and low-calorie content, adding sweet potatoes to your diet meal is extremely beneficial.

sweet potatoes

You can prepare delicious sweet potatoes for lunch and dinner meals.


Zucchini is rich in Vitamin A, folate, potassium and other nutrients. It is an excellent vegetable for eating in summers.

It is one of the low-calorie tummy flattening foods that enables a person to satisfy hunger and simultaneously decreases his intake of high calorie food. Thus, the body fat start burning gradually and a person reduces weight.


Diet Plan to Reduce Belly Fat

Firstly, let us make it clear who needs a diet plan?

If you are gaining weight, your belly size is increased and you want to shed some pounds then, this plan is perfectly made for you.
But! before you pursue, measure your belly size and check whether you really have an over sized belly or not.
Here are 4 steps to measure your belly size.

  • Press your fingers into your sides and find out the upper edge of the hip.
  • Make sure you lower the waistband of your pant/skirt to measure belly size rightly.
  • Wrap measuring tape around your abdomen and adjust it exactly above your hipbone crest from both sides.
  • Neither the tape should be tight nor it should lose enough to slide on your belly.
  • Keep your natural standing position and read the tape for measurement.

Note that:

  • An ideal waist size for adult men is between 37” (94 cm) – 40” (102 cm) having a height between (5’2” – 5’7”).
  • An ideal waist size for adult women is between  32” (80 cm) – 35” (88 cm) having a height between (5’2” – 5’7”).

Once you make sure you have a fat belly, it is the right time to get back to your ideal size. Flatter stomach is achievable by making little changes in your overall lifestyle that also inhibit weight gain in the future.

Follow Nutrition Promise diet plan to reduce belly fat naturally.


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Nutrition Promise diet plan is based on the simple principle of Eat Healthy, Live Longer because a low-calorie diet could be the key to a long and healthy life.

Consider this 7-day diet plan and burn your belly fat eventually.
In addition, you need to follow some guidelines to get the best advantages from this diet plan.

  • Avoid too much consumption of tea, coffee, and canned juices.
  • Don’t take water between meals. Instead, drink water before a meal or two hours after the meal.
  • Begin and end your day by drinking a glass of warm water.
  • Eat healthy snacks like smoothies, lime juices, and fruit/vegetable salads.

We hope our list of tummy flattening foods will prove helpful for you. Above, belly tightening food are not only healthy but are delicious in taste.
Feel free to write us in the case of any query or share your ideas in the comment section.

[fact text=”The information shared on this website is solely for awareness and educational purpose. For getting a medical advice/prescription or treatments, please consult your doctor. Any action you take upon the information provided by Nutrition Promise is strictly at your own risk.” type= “gen”]


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