Vitamin B6 also known as Pyridoxine is a nutrient needed and found in our body. To avoid deficiency caused by its nonexistence, it is necessary to know how much of Vitamin B6 to consume.

In this destructible world, it is necessary for us to not lose track of time and should stay perfect. Conversely, our body needs just enough care to be safe from every sort of deficiency that causes further diseases.

In order to stay protected from diseases like fibrocrytic breast disease, Asthma, Depression, and ADHD, consumption of pyridoxine is crucial.

Following you will find almost everything you need to know in order to avoid Vitamin B6 deficiency and to increase your energy levels further.

This article contains:

  1. Vitamin B6 And Its Types
  2. Benefits of Pyridoxine
  3. Food Sources
  4. Consumption In Accordance To Ages.

Vitamin B6 And Its Types:

For starters, what exactly is it?

This water-soluble vitamin is found in our body, which is downright essential for maintaining our energy levels. In addition, it sustains Pyridoxal 5′- Phosphate (PLP) is the most active form of the vitamin found in all typical times.

From the elimination of amino acids to decreasing chronic diseases, vitamin B6 is downright crucial for us.

There are further types of Pyridoxine, divided to perform distinct tasks:

  1. Pyridoxal (PL)
  2. Pyridoxamine (PM)
  3. Pyridoxine (PN)
  4. pyridoxine-5′-phosphate (PNP)

In order to witness a healthier body, consumption of nutrients sustaining this vitamin are fairly important for us.

Benefits Of Pyridoxine:

Before trying  to acknowledge the consumption of Vitamin B6, it is essential for us to be known for the benefits it provides to our health. Following is the list of benefits provided by the usage of this nutrient:


Produces Red Blood Cells

blood cells

This vitamin is crucial in producing an element called ‘heme.’ It is essential for assembling hemoglobin molecules that further help in oxygenating our blood.

In addition, red blood cells are desperate needs demanded by our body, for which consuming this element is more than necessary. It further clots our blood, in the case of a severe cut or exposure to the atmosphere. This prevents further bleeding, ensuring no blood loss.

Metabolizes Carbohydrates

vitamin b6

Vitamin B6 sustains an important role in metabolizing the carbohydrates consumed by us. It is required by a particular enzyme that metabolizes the carbohydrates into a form namely to be glycogen. This entire process helps in maintaining our physical stress and our energy levels. B6 also helps in reducing anxiety and severe conditions caused by depression.

This entire process helps in maintaining our physical stress and our energy levels. B6 also helps in reducing anxiety and severe conditions caused by depression.

Healthy For Brain And Nervous System

working brain

This vitamin pyridoxine is pretty imperative for a healthier brain and nervous system. As human beings, it is fundamental for us to have a working memory to help us function better.

They produce neurotransmitters that are the messaging molecules, determining to provide us a healthier, functioning brain. They are essential in helping to recover damaged organ by sending the message to the motherboard of the human body.

It further encourages production of GABA, Serotonin, and dopamine. It further reduces risks of depression, a deadly disease that mainly puts a halt to human pertaining to thinking, proved by a research in Japan.

Moreover, an increase in the consumption of B6, results in a peculiar decrease in the risks of ADHD, abbreviated as Attention Deficit Disorder.

Detoxifies Your Liver


Vitamin B6 helps eliminate hazardous chemicals in our liver and our kidney. It works as a cleansing agent that washes off harmful toxins working to damage our body.

On the contrary, it further reduces stress inducing toxins that harm our mental health. Also, it eliminates chronic diseases caused due to inflammation.

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Vitamin B6 Food Sources:

Now that you’re aware of all the possible benefits caused by the consumption of this nutrient, following is the list of food needed to avoid deficiency caused by B6:



Consume 4 Oz of tuna a day to enrich your body with 1.18 mg of Vitamin B6. Tuna helps in the recovering of the eye, for a sharper image extraction. It is a fish packed with nutrients working together to boost us with high-level benefits.


in addition, grilled turkey

Prepare a cup of turkey to consume it on a daily basis, this will provide you 0.44 mg of B6, which is considered a very good amount of worldwide nutrition. Turkey is a healthful source of protein, that is high in Pyridoxine helping in controlling depression and ADHD diseases.



Considering that you get to consume 0.74 grams of B6 in as little as 4 Oz of beef. This is evident to declare that the beef sustains a high amount of this vitamin, essentially making it a good source of it.


fried chicken

Chicken sustains 0.68 grams of Vitamin B6 in 4 Oz consumed. Not only is this a healthful package of protein, but also helps provide a subtle glow to our skin. Chicken further reduces deficiencies caused by lack of this vitamin and helps reduce anxiety.



4 oz of this rare fish provides us 0.64 mg of this vitamin. Salmon not only helps in removing toxins from our blood vessels, but also moisturizes our skin. It also plays a vital role in providing us sharper eyes, it helps us see evidently.

Sweet Potato

sweet potato

A cup of sweet potato enriches us with 0.57 mg of Vitamin B6, this is not only an enticing vegetable that provides us a flavourful taste, in every bite.

Consumption In Accordance To Ages:

Now that you’re aware of the food sources and their content, following is the list of how much to consume according to your age:

  • 0-6 months are advised to be given at least 0.1 mg of Vitamin B6 every day.
  • 6-12 months old should consume 0.3 mg of this vitamin, daily.
  • Toddlers aged 1-3 years should have a regular intake of 0.5 mg of B6.
  • 4-8 years should intake 0.6 mg every day.
  • Teenagers that are 9-13 years old should consume at least 1 mg daily.
  • Females aged 14-18 years should regularly consume 1.2 mg of Vitamin B6.
  • Males aged 14-18 years should consume 1.3 mg daily.
  • People aged 19-50 should intake 1.3 mg of B6 every day.
  • Females ages 50+ should eat at least 1.8 mg of Vitamin B6 each day.
  • Males aged 50+ years should consume 1.7 mg regularly.

For the final note, in order to avoid deficiencies caused by lack of Vitamin B6, and further hazardous diseases, ensure to consume the given food sources. This will essentially help your body with the benefits mentioned above and will provide you further, high energy levels.

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