Being known to a vitamin that is a necessity for cell growth, producing fatty acids and ensuring metabolism of fats, is pretty crucial. This is where Vitamin B7 comes in the picture, as a water-soluble compound belonging to the B family.

In order to avoid deficiency diseases caused by its non-existence like fatigue, depression, hair loss and severe pain in the muscle, it is downright necessary to know about this vitamin and its sources.

Further, we necessarily need to ensure that we consume the right amount of vitamin B7, as our body deserves to consume certain requirements. From thickening your hair to letting your nails grow healthy, this vitamin is capable of it all.

This article contains:

  1. What is Vitamin B7
  2. Benefits Of This Vitamin
  3. Food Sources
  4. Consumption According To Ages

What is Vitamin B7

vitamin b7 biotin

Out of all the types of Vitamin B, B7 happens to hit the list along with B9, B12, B6 and several others. Vitamin B7 was also known as ‘Vitamin H’ and ‘Coenzyme R’ back in the day.

Biotin is further, another popular name for this vitamin. People eagerly consume biotin supplements/Vitamin B7 in order to increase their nail growth.

A research, however, states that after 6 months of consuming biotin nails were thicker and less brittle. This vitamin maintains your body tissues, healthy skin, and helps decrease obesity.

Consequently, if you don’t consume this vitamin, you’re most likely to witness severe pains, fatigue, and frequent hair loss. This article will take away all your possible queries, as I will be putting in front of you, open and wide, almost everything you need to know of this vitamin.

Benefits Of This Vitamin B7

In order to acknowledge the importance of this vitamin, it is downright essential for you to be known to its benefits. Following is a list of all the possible benefits this vitamin sustains:

Highly Beneficial For Skin And Hair

skin disease cure

As mentioned above, it is downright important to have said it again as the benefits are relatively high. Vitamin B7 revitalises your reduced skin color that is caused due to bad health and environmental changes.

Further, it helps increase hair growth. On the contrary, if a person experiences dandruff, it is pretty evident to state that the person is suffering from B7 deficiency.

To add a subtle glow to your skin and to experience thicker, luscious hair, turning to frequent B7 consumption is the wisest act to perform.

Great For Internal Growth

working brain

Consumption of B7 helps repair your tissue, prevents further damage and is a natural healer. Consequently, Vitamin B7 ensures a proper functioning of nervous system. It further activates your messaging cells, growing your brain stronger.

In addition, B7 plays a vital role in further growing your bone narrow. It also helps increase your working memory, ensuring a healthful mentality.

Helps People Suffering From Obesity:

People stuck with obesity, man weighing himself down

Consumption of vitamin B7 majorly reduces surplus fat in our body ensuring the consumer gets a healthier weight. Further, for people suffering from obesity, their physicians prescribe them adequate intake of this vitamin as it helps so much to a next level.

Decreases Heart Disease


It is downright evident to state that vitamin B7 is one of the best components to reduce cholesterol in the human body. It can provoke diseases like heart attacks and strokes which is why B7 helps along the way.

Consequently, vitamin B7 is much helpful in fortifying the actual functioning of the heart by securing it from most critical problems.

Beneficial For Diabetics

lower your diabetes

As we all know for a fact that high fluctuation of blood sugar level is downright harmful to the human body, even worse for people suffering from diabetes. Vitamin B7 is proven to be helpful in maintaining it.

To be precise, the human body needs to regulate insulin, and B7 is the core compound doing just that. Therefore, it not only helps people with diabetes to maintain their sugar levels, but it also reduces the risk of becoming a diabetic.

Vitamin B7 Food Sources


In order to be aware of how much dietary intake of B7 to sustain, knowing about its food sources is crucial just the same. There is a variety of raw food where Vitamin B7 is found in good ratios. Following is a list of food containing biotin:

  • Vegetables including sweet potatoes, broccoli, peas, cauliflower, cabbage, and spinach.
  • Fruits like grapefruit, watermelon, raspberries, strawberries, and bananas are further enriched with Vitamin B7.
  • Grains including lentils, soybeans, oats, bran, wheat germ, unpolished brown rice are healthy sources of Vitamin B7. In addition, wheat with very low bioavailability is certain to buy high proportions of Vitamin B7.
  • Fishes like haddock, salmon, tuna and sardines are best enriched with Vitamin B7.

Although, one of the best sources of Vitamin B7 are considered to be liver and kidney. A whole day’s dose of B7 can be obtained from liver meat. As well as, beef and chicken sustain high nutritional values of this vitamin.

egg yolk

In addition, dietitians nowadays highly recommend the usage of egg yolks into their daily diet as it is one of the best and easily approachable source of Vitamin B7. Not only is it low on the pocketbook, but sustains all the nutrients healthful body demands.

However, raw egg whites must be avoided under each circumstance of this case as they can hamper the body’s ability to absorb B7. Dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt are also moderate sources of B7.

Consumption According To Ages

A family with all age types

There are no particularly recommended dietary allowances fixed for Vitamin B7. However, suitable intakes with respect to the ages are as followed:

  1. Babies that are 0-12 months should consume 7 mcg a day.
  2. For toddlers aged 1-3 years, 8 mcg should be taken as an adequate daily intake.
  3. Children aged 4-8 years should consume 12 mcg of B7 every day.
  4. Teenagers aged 9-13 years should consume 20 mcg a day.
  5. Adolescents aged 14-18 should eat 25 mcg of Vitamin B7 daily.
  6. Adults that are +18 and pregnant women should consume an adequate intake of 30 mcg of vitamin B7 every day.
  7. Breastfeeding women should have an intake of 35 mcg of B7 each day.

As for a final note, being a compound that already exists in our body, makes it further crucial for a constant reload. We must assure that our body is safe from every possible deficiency disease. This can only be carried out if biotin is consumed regularly.

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