Articulating about Vitamin D and its perks to our body could be very beneficial for us, once known. We must’ve witnessed a lot of gospels chattering about how important the sufficiency of Vitamin D is for us.

Conversely, If you have weak, fragile bones and find it problematic to even crotch your knees, you desperately need this. In addition, this is also acknowledged as ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ as the translucent sun rays eliminate the vitamin deficiency in our body.

sunshine- Vitamin D

This vitamin can further affect up to 2,000 genes in our body, providing us with healthful benefits Vitamin D attains. If you’re curious to figure out to what intensity does this vitamin influence your body, scroll down.

On the contrary, I’m certainly going to lay down ahead of you, all the benefits, amount needed, and certain precautions enlisted within the consumption of Vitamin D.

This article contains:

  1. Vitamin D and Its Types
  2. Quantity Needed By Our Body
  3. Health Benefits of Vitamin D
  4. Precautions To Embrace

Vitamin D and Its Types:

For starters, what is Vitamin D?


Vitamin D is a range of fat-soluble secosteroids that are certainly responsible for increasing intestinal digestion of Magnesium, Phosphoric, Calcium, Iron, and Zinc. Vitamin D rules out and prevents any disease caused by lack of vitamin D.

This source of energy is foolproof for treating weak bones, fractures, and ensuring a high calcium level in our body. It is further beneficial for treating skin conditions and for promoting our immune system.

What are the types of Vitamin D?

Vitamin D has been categorized into 5 types of different vitamins that are pretty constructive for our body. The types are; Vitamin D1, D2, D3, D4, and D5.

The most decisive type is Ergocalciferol that is also known as, Vitamin D2 and Cholecalciferol that is Vitamin D3. In addition, they are almost equivalent to each other, in terms of benefaction to our body. Nowadays, physician suggests that Vitamin D3 should only be consumed  for oral curative purposes.

As it’s a dupe of the Vitamin D produced in our body through translucent sunrays. Furthermore, Vitamin D3 is 500 times more active than D2, as they improve our health and strengthen bones much faster. Thus, consumption of D3 is ultimately way more favorable for our body and is said to be consumed the most.

Quantity Needed By Our Body:

salmon- vitamin D

What are the possible sources to attain Vitamin D?

Before figuring out the amount of this hormone to consume, it is important to know what are the food through which Vitamin D deficiency can be outrun. Below, I have stated a list of edible contents that will maintain your body needs:

  1. Cod Liver Oil- This is stated to be the highest supplement sustaining 1,360 IUs of Vitamin D in as little as 1 tablespoon.
  2. Fortified Milk- Drinking a warm cup of milk boosts your metabolism by 50-100mg of Vitamin D.
  3. Raw Eggs- They endure up to 41 IUs per serving of Vitamin D, they should be eaten unprocessed in this situation.
  4. Beef- Approximately 3 ounces of beef sustain over 41 IUs of this hormone.
  5. Salmon- 3 ounces of Salmon contain 447 IUs of Vitamin D per serving.

How much protein to consume?

Now, I will enlist all the possible reasons in which Vitamin D is to be consumed for favorable output. Assuming that you’re unable to sustain enough sunlight from the sun, you are to consume the given measures.

From preventing diseases, to preventing deficiency, you will find the required dosage below:

  • Toddlers aged 0-6 months should consume 400 IU per day and maximum 1,000 IU per day.
  • Those aged 6-12 months should consume from 400 IU to 1500 IU of Vitamin D per day.
  • Each day children aged 1-3 years should consume 600 IU to maximum 2500 IU.
  • Children aged 4-8 years should consume 600 IU to 3000 IU each day.
  • Humans aged 9-70 years should 600 IU to maximum 4000 IU of Vitamin D each day.
  • Further, Aged people that are 71+ should consume 800 IU to maximum 4000 IU per day.
  • Pregnant women should get 5000 IU per day to stay healthy, and deficiency free.

Health Benefits Of Vitamin D:


In order to consume Vitamin D, it is fairly necessary to be aware of every possible benefit it has in store for your body. From stronger bones to better blood circulation, this secosteroid has it all.

Following are a list of descriptive Vitamin D benefits that will help you decide why exactly do you need it:

  • Strengthens your bones and teeth
  • Reduces risk of diabetes
  • Prevents Cancer

Vitamin D Strengthens your bones and teeth

stronger bones

Vitamin D is downright very essential for the arrangement of calcium and for maintaining the phosphorus level of our body. This is what mainly helps in making our bones stronger and healthier.

Conversely, children who lack Vitamin D are certain to develop the condition of ‘Rickets’ which causes bone weakness and unsteady balance. Calcium is an imperative source for a tooth to not only stay pearly white, but to attain stronger gums for better chewing.

The whole process where Vitamin D boosts the calcium absorption makes it highly favorable for our teeth as well. Moreover, the white spots apparent on our nails are also decreased due to rich calcium intake through the help of Vitamin D.

In addition, Osteoporosis is a condition caused due to lack of Vitamin D deficiency where adults are struck by this disease. To prevent rickets and osteoporosis, it is certainly very important to consume the right dosage.

  400-1000 IU of Vitamin D should be consumed each day by adults to get rid of Osteoporosis and fractures.

Vitamin D Reduces risk of diabetes:

lower your diabetes

Vitamin D deficiency and diabetes are common diseases that have affected almost every other household. On the contrary, IDF estimates that there are over 285 million people are infected with diabetes, making up to 7% of the total population. By 2030, It is predicted to inflate up to 435 million diabetics.

Furthermore, in this case, it is pretty intriguing to state that Vitamin D has a say in controlling the future victims. It has a significant role in treating developed diabetes and ensuring their elimination.

In an inspection, it was stated that infants who received 2,000 IU of vitamin D each day had an 88% lower risk till the age of 32, of developing type 1 diabetes, that are permanent once diagnosed.

Vitamin D Prevents Cancer:

vitamin D cures cancer

Vitamin D is downright essential for our cell growth and internal communication. A couple of researchers state that the active form of vitamin D can reduce the growth of cancer cells. It further graduals the progression of virgin blood vessels in the cancerous tissue, eliminating cancer cells.

In addition, it is certainly safe to state that this hormone plays a vital role in eliminating the cancer epidemic. It also reduces the risks of inheriting, generating cancer cells as well.

Precautions To Embrace:

Before compelling yourself to start consuming the eatables mentioned above, it is downright essential to acknowledge all the possible precautions that could slide in. Following is a list of precautions to embrace before consuming food items sustaining Vitamin D:

  1. Forbid yourself from devouring high measures of Vitamin D, they sustain unconditional risks. Politely, follow the amount to consume given above. Intaking dosages up to 4000 units  daily can cause the arteries to harden due a to high extent of Calcium. In addition, this can cause kidney stones as well.
  2. Psychologically prepare yourself for the momentary side-effects that might come your way. These include weakness, fatigue, dry mouth, uncertain taste, sleepiness, headache, decrease in desire to eat, nausea, vomiting, and more.
  3. Considering that higher doses are at times needed for initial treatment of vitamin D deficiency, it is downright important to consult your physician first.
  4. From swelling of the face, throat, and tongue, to severe dizziness and problem breathing, if you experience any of these side-effects ensure to visit your nearest doctor.

To conclude my thoughts, consuming vitamin D is an essential need of our body not just to process calcium, but to enrich us with all the benefits mentioned above.

It is very necessary to maintain the level of this vitamin in our body, for which the amount mentioned above is to be consumed daily. Just bethink to not eat more than mentioned as this may cause further diseases and unhealthiness. Excess of anything is dreadful.

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