In a world that is severely caught with a disease named obesity, it is downright hard to stay on track with increasing lack of time.

Keeping it obvious that you must have struck at almost every remedy from consuming green tea to not eating for days, just to achieve an evident weight loss.

Furthermore, stating that you’re exhausted now is definitely an understatement. Though through this article, I ensure you, you’re not getting away without an obvious weight loss.

This is because I am about to lay in front of you, open and wide, effective exercises that don’t require any sort of equipment. And are definitely the easiest on your pocketbook.

This article contains:

  1. Easy Exercises For Weight Loss
  2. Best Exercises For Quick Weight Loss
  3. Precautions To Follow

Weight Loss Exercises


Easy Exercises For Weight Loss which don’t require special equipment

weight loss exercises

For those seeking to adapt easiest exercises that acquire less effort to reveal long run affects, the following weight loss exercises are for you.

Conversely, those that have been mentioned below are everyday exercises that can be achieved anywhere.

Further, you need to sustain a proper diet that does not revolve around the high intake of carbohydrates.

Moreover, you also need to remember that every time you perform an exercise, every inch of your body sheds fat.

Following is a list of easy to do weight loss exercises,  you can adapt into everyday routine:


Fast runners

Articulating about how healthy running is for your health would require multiple books as this downright is a long-term solution to every disease inside of you. Although, in order to reveal you its importance I might as well just stick below its benefits.

Running is a healthful dose to your heart as it pumps the arteries inside of you, ensuring a systematic rhythm to sustain inside of you. Conversely, it strengthens your bones and muscles to keep you hyperactive.

Furthermore, running plays a vital role being an effective exercise for weight loss. To be downright honest, it not only improves the blood circulation, but decreases risks of diseases like cancer, obesity, heart attacks and severe strokes.


Swimming for an effective weight loss

Showcasing you yet another weight loss exercise, this is downright effective. If you investigate swimmers, most of them state that they learn this skill to stay composed in an emergency that requires surviving.

Although, they don’t know the fact that swimming helps them through other aspects as well. It is undoubtedly the best exercise to lose weight if you’re patient.

For starters, swimming reduces your overall stress level and naturally helps reduce your extra weight. It maintains cardiovascular fitness as every muscle of our body works in flow, and hard.

Say hello to healthy weight, heart, and lungs through this seemingly natural and best way to weight loss.


A cyclist moving forward

As relaxing this form of a verb may be, there are certain healthful aspects of this that will keep you stunned. A cyclist experiences an increase in their cardiovascular fitness and a better flexibility.

It not only strengthens our bones but sheds off weight faster than you can think of. Conversely, cycling is an effective muscle workout as it compels every crucial muscle in our body to work. This sheds off weight faster than we can marvel.

You must cycle at least once a day, to gradually and effectively wear off weight. Moreover, get ready to lose more than 500 calories each day, every time you cycle.

Skipping Ropes

A skipping rope

This calorie cooker sustains a multitude of benefits as when you jump at a moderate rate, you burn 10 to 16 calories a minute. Furthermore, if you jump three 10 minute rounds, you will be looking at a body that decreased 480 calories in less than half an hour.

Consequently, when you skip a rope for 10 minutes, it is downright equal to running an 8-minute mile. Whether you accept it or not, this can be beneficial to you way more than you think. You’ll be experiencing a healthier, functioning working memory and further strengthens your bones.

Playing Tennis

A slim woman with tennis equipments

Tennis is an effective sport that divides pressure to every inch of your body. Furthermore, every muscle inside our skin gets hyperactive and grows tissue. Not only does tennis provide a fine leisure time, but slims your entire body.

This sport helps you get rid of the extra fat inside of you, ensuring a healthy weight loss. It requires you to put in effort which plays the mastermind in dropping down those extra calories effectively.

You are advised to play this sport at least once a day for as little as 20 minutes a day to witness a drastic change.

Quick Weight Loss Exercises:

A man measuring his weight

If you’re looking forward to a leaner and healthier body this season, the following workout exercise is all that you downright need. Consequently, acknowledging that you do not deserve to be dependent on equipment, I have assembled a no-equipment workout for you, that will ensure a slimmer body.

The required reps will be mentioned in each category, though you have to ensure you do not take a break, until the warned middle. Read away for a better and fairer understanding. Following is a list of exercises that guarantee a weight loss:

Perform Squats

A woman performing squats

There are several reasons why you must never ignore squats. This not only tones your leg muscles, but they provide numerous benefits like increasing your flexibility level and further, building a strong lower body.

Though this doesn’t end here, squats help to perfectly tone your entire body as the pressure they release decreases the amount of fat in your body.

How Squats work?

For starters, stand on a floor ensuring that you keep your legs on a width of your rear. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and your shoulders nice and composed as they must be straight. Chin up.

Now on the count of 2, slowly push yourself downwards on the weight of your feet, and sit without letting your rear rest on the floor. For easier results, keep your hands in front of you, straight and together.

Conversely, once you’re down, on the weight of your feet, slowly lift your body upwards without losing balance. You’re, under no circumstances, allowed to put anything but your feet in contact with the floor.

You should perform at least 10 repetitions until you decide to take a break. Rest for 2 minutes and breathe with your mouth closed. Now, perform 10 more repetitions and you’re great to go.

How to do a Squat, Video Tutorial:

Perform Bridges

This hip raise is downright the best weight loss exercise, as it strengthens your bottom muscles and also the core.

If you’re disappointingly experiencing any sort of back injuries, then this is the perfect exercise for you to increase the level of flexibility in your muscles. The muscles this exercise affects are gluteus maximus, hip abductors, quadriceps, hamstrings, rectus abdominas.

How Bridge Exercise works?

For starters, lie down on your back with your feet flat on the floor. Every inch of your body should remain nice and composed. Now, raise your hips off the floor so much so that your body looks like a straight line starting from your shoulder to your knees.

Once your midway to the exercise, just pause at the top and just as you are there, slowly lower your body back to the floor you started from.

Consequently, once you are lying on the floor keep every part of your body smooth and straight and prepare your body for the next repetition. You are to perform 5 bridges with a halt of 15 seconds each time.
How to do a Bridge Exercise, Video Tutorial:

Perform Bicycle Exercise

For starters, lie on the floor and stretch your legs out nice and smooth. It’s downright important to take long breaths to decrease your stress level.

Bicycles not only provide a kick-start to the fat-burning molecules inside our body, but also strengthens our muscles so that there remains more of muscles and less of fats.

Even though you can cycle in reality to attain its benefits, but cycling on a fictional bicycle improves the chances of a faster weight loss. This is downright the best exercise to lose weight.

How does Bicycle Exercise Works?

Initially, lay down a piece of cloth that you’ll be exercising upon. Lie straight on the floor as mentioned above, and keep your legs stretched out smoothly.

Next up, place your hands behind your head, forming a triangle with both of them. The following preferences are all up to you as you can either choose to place them at the back and interlock your fingers. Or, you can certainly keep them to your side, whatsoever is it that you desire.

Now firmly raise your legs so much that your thighs are perpendicular to the ground. In addition, you must ensure that your calf is parallel to the ground you started from.

This will most probably cause a movement in your arms as you’ll experience yourself getting closer to your thighs.

Now for the real verb, touch your right elbow to your left knee, putting in mass amounts of effort. Consequently, you should touch your left elbow to your right knee.

This way you not only, imaginatively, are paddling the bicycle, but are also experiencing a healthy movement of your shoulder blades that will help you experience a healthy weight loss.

Ensure that you do not lift forward your shoulders much, push your thighs to touch your shoulders, definitely not vice versa in this case. Further, you are to perform 10 to 15 repetitions as a first set and after a 3-minute break, perform another set.

How to do Bicycle Exercise, Video Tutorial:


This is one of the best weight loss exercises as it not only increases the muscle tissues but also shapes our body and provides flexibility to strengthen our core further.

Even though some instructors ask their students to hold dumbbells for efficient results, but this exercise is downright enough for a weight loss that you need without any equipment.

How do Lunge works?

For starters, place both hands on your hips firmly and pull back your shoulders, keeping them erect. Now, stand straight and composed.

Consequently, step forward with the help of your right leg and slowly lower down your body until your bent knee makes an angle of 90 degrees.

Next, you must ensure that your back knee shouldn’t touch the floor under any circumstance. Once you remain there for more than 5 seconds, push yourself back to where you started from. Though, further ensuring that you’re smooth enough to stay away from any injury.

Perform 10 repetitions with the right leg and 10 with the other. You can certainly take a break of 2 minutes and pull out yet another set.

How to do a Lunge, Video:

 Standing High Knee Exercise

Standing high knees

Standing high knee is an effective exercise that helps you maintain balance and improves your level of pressure on each leg. It further improves our cardiovascular fitness as it provides oxygen to our body which plays a vital role in reducing the calories in our body.

High knees are downright easy only if a relaxed mind in included. Every part of your body should be relaxed and composed.

How does it work? 

For starters, stand in place with your feet hip-width apart and take long, composed breaths.

Now, push your right knee upwards so much so that it is close to your chest and then instantly bring it back to the ground. Conversely, do the same with your left knee and force it upwards.

Simultaneously continue this exercise as it will provide you a weight loss, though you should be downright fast to switch from one leg to other.

You must act like you’re practically running with your knees lifting a lot from your floor though in this case, ensure that you don’t move further from the existent position.

You should perform for at least 150 seconds until you decide to take a break for 30 seconds and resume back to it. I usually count till 150 while exercising this great workout for weight loss.

How to do a Standing High Knee Exercise, Video:

Precautions To Follow:

Now that you’re aware of all the possible, no equipment exercises that promote a healthy weight loss, following is a list of precautions you need to stand by to in order to attain a drastic weight shed:

  1. Take at least 7 minutes to warm up your body if you’re done with the first set to cool down your internal body.
  2. Ensure that you always start out slow at first. Then slowly boost your exercises with high level of energy, but do take your time as this decreases the risks of a hazardous injury.
  3. Never go too hard. Always, no matter what, listen to your body. If you feel fatigue or risk chances of passing out, stop immediately and consume plenty of water.
  4. Replace your shoes every 6 months to prevent wearing out and any chance of injury.
  5. If you stop exercising for a couple of days, or must have called in sick, start initially. As your body may have not been used to tough exercises by then.
  6. Never stop eating, this is a very crucial factor of witnessing a weight loss plans. You must only tone down the calorie consumption, but should never question any meal.

Final Note:

You must exercise each day to stay healthy and fit. If you’re into letting go of your weight only because of being bullied then I suggest you stop. As you have a right to breathe the way you want to, regardless of what people may think.

Obesity, however, gives birth to multitude diseases and that is certainly not healthy. Conversely, this is why you must exercise every day to get rid of the risks obesity could force to come your way.

Remember, always eat healthy food and exercise each day. Hope this Weight Loss Exercises will be plenty to keep you motivated 🙂

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