Are you tired of staring at yourself in the mirror, and not feeling an instantaneous change?

Are you shattered of trying all the remedies and attaining no luck at all?

Well, it’s time to bring everything to a halt. We have combined a collection of simpler, effortless and zippy weight loss hacks for you.

Reducing weight is very important in today’s world, not only for the sake of looking healthy but for feeling good from the inside. Hold your horses, and let’s get this adventurous, slimming ride started.

Weight Loss Hacks

Tips and tricks:

Weight loss hacks

Place a mirror on your fridge door

This is an unbelievably helpful hack for you. All you really need to do is whenever you open your fridge in the battle of consuming a snack, you’ll be seeing yourself in the mirror accidently. Well, voila! you’ll be reminded of your weight-shedding progress.

Magnetically applying a mirror where your food is located such as the cabinet where you store your cookies or biscuits will be helpful too. Every time you eat something, you’ll be pondering over your reflection and attaining motivation, as per magic.


Keep junk food 100 miles away from you

Junk food

When I write this, I mean it will utmost seriousness. If you sustain a hidden junk food drawer anywhere, it’s high time you let go of it. Say goodbye to night out with friends for some time, if slimming is your goal.

Have some remaining tofu salad? Consume it right away. Milk, no sugar juice, and such dietary consumptions should be always within your sight. Like they say,

Out of sight, out of mind.

Smaller the things, smaller the consumption

Small plates

This undeniably exists within amazing weight loss hacks that do, surprisingly, work. Indirectly, all you’re doing is playing tricks on your mind by having smaller platters, smaller spoons, and thinner glasses.

Even if you refill your plate twice, your brain will be feeling as guilty as charged. Smaller spoons sustain the same, ethereal power, every time you take it to your mouth, smaller bites will make your mind believe you’ve consumed enough.

Another trick that some restaurants practice on us is sustaining thinner yet longer glasses. Conversely, every time we take a sip, our glass looks big but actually it is not. Craving a delicious drink? Pour it in a thin glass and no huge harm done.

Always root for blue colored plates

Blue plate

In scientific research findings have concluded that if the color of your plate bounces off or contrasts with the food you’re eating, you’re most likely to endure less food.

Place your food dressing on the side


Considering the fact that it seems highly pretentious to ask for your dressings to be on the side in restaurants, but nothing else matters if it helps. but it really helps. In restaurants, heavy gravies aren’t going to make you any slimmer, or healthier for that fact.

If the cooks create a collision of it with your regular food, you’re downright helpless. This is why it is essential to get it on the side, as you can consume less of it.

Think of food

Think of food

It may sound obtuse but a study found that if you imagine that you have been eating for a while before you actually start eating, your mind ends up believing it. This way you stop eating way before you attempt on eating excess food.

Moreover, do you watch TV or use your phone while eating? That’s bad. Place all your focus on the food that you’re eating. If you have a divided attention, you will not know how much you have eaten. This will also help you to reduce junk food and bring more healthy food into your diet.

Try intermittent fasting


This fasting is a pattern of consumption where you eat at particular, assigned timings. During these, you don’t eat at specific time durations. Conversely, this is definitely worth a shot.

The good thing about intermittent fasting is that it has nothing to with dietary food. You don’t have to prevent yourself from eating what you used to consume, it’s all about the little the better. To be precise, the only thing that changes is the pattern of eating, not the food.

Fuel up on water


No matter where you are, what you do, consume at least 8 glasses of water a day. It’s recommended that you fill up your empty stomach with two glasses of water before every meal.

Conversely, drinking more water is an alluring diet hack for weight loss. Drinking more water keeps your kidneys and liver working in the best condition and it further regulates your metabolism. Moreover, it cleanses your blood and refreshes your skin.

Chew properly


If you chew your food properly, you’ll be able to digest it with ease. In addition, your mouth will also make more effort than usual which is how your brain will think that you’ve consumed enough for the day.

Avoid food-related advertisements


Yet again, out of sight, out of mind. According to interesting science, your cravings for junk food, harmful soda, and sweet products increase when you watch their commercials or see their adverts anywhere.

Thus, you must try to avoid their pictures, those advertisements and you will sustain fewer cravings for them. Moreover, if you go shopping, avoid eating snacks at all because in this world of McDonaldization fast foods are mostly unhealthy and toxic.

Surround yourself with positive, healthy people

Healthy friends

A study revealed that women who heard the words of acceptance and motivation more often were most likely to lose weight. Whereas those that received high levels of discouragement and negative vibes from people were stated as more open to an excessive fat building.

Moreover, it is essential for your body needs if you start hanging out with healthier, fitter friends squad. This is not to discriminate those that are fat but to motivate you into a healthier, fresh lifestyle.

Our body does a lot for us, it is our responsibility to take care of it in the finest way possible. Thus, you should lounge around healthily with your squad, keeping it low on the carbs and high in the nutrients.

If you are surrounded with the people who have excellent self-control, it is an alluring way to state that you will develop it along the way as well.

Sleep healthy

Sleep is necessary

This mystical truth is a preeminent way of looking after yourself. Sleep cures ailments, it soothes our organs to help it function healthily and refreshes your mind.

It is stated that small naps of 20-30 minutes provide a significant prerequisite for improved alertness and efficient performance without letting you feel wimpy or groggy.

Never shop with an empty stomach

girl shopping

If you plan on hitting the shopping malls for an updated fashion spree or have some items to collect quick, eat something before you leave. In the process of taking care of your diet, we tend to go off the road when we come across scrumptious fast food items.

Food including pringles, beer, chocolates, and other snacks that most of us highly crave. If you go shopping with a full stomach, you are less likely to buy junk food that sustains innumerable fats and unhealthy properties.

To be precise, you must go shopping after consuming a healthy home cooked meal that is high in nutrition level.

 Cook with the help of coconut oil

coconut oil

Coconut oil is amusingly a weight reduction agent. To be startlingly accurate, 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil can really help decrease your weight.

The crucial part to be noted is that if you consume it in addition to your regular diet, then you are adding about 300 calories into your diet which will not grant you similar, effective results.

Thus, a proper diet must be adjusted accordingly. Moreover, if you plan on replacing another cooking oil with coconut oil, that’s a boost down the weight loss lane. However, if you can’t replace it then eating raw coconut oil also helps effectively.

Stop munching from the bag


If you sustain some ready-to-eat food such as M&Ms or absolutely anything that comes in a bag or box, make sure you place it on a plate. When you eat from the bag, you never realize how much food you have consumed. Eating from the plate provides you a reality check that it’s time to focus on your planned diet.

Start playing Tetris

tetris game

Study findings revealed that playing video games including Tetris decreases your cravings for food from a larger percentage. To be precisely clear, if you’re hungry and munching a snack doesn’t seem like an ideal option, simply play this video game. Let’s face it, dieting couldn’t have gotten any easier.

 Wear slim-fit clothes that scream confidence

slim fit clothes

If you wear sweats and loungewear a lot, it’s certainly not good for your diet because it hides your body. If you wear clothes that make you look sexy, it would encourage you to eat healthily and stay on a diet as you’ll know how much more to shrug off.

Ban diet sodas from your weight-loss routine

diet beverage

The false assumption that diet sodas are healthier, is an alluring assumption. It is certainly not the truth as they are carbonated water as well. Conversely, replace them with sugar-free juices or just plain water.

Simply relax

relaxing in the water

It is a scientifically proven fact that anxiety and stress play a gigantic role in weight gain. So does something that helps you seek relaxation. You can try yoga, meditation, long bubble baths, listening to soft music or anything else that calms you down. This activity has to be at least 20-30 minutes long to help you be deterministic and set to achieve your weight-shedding goal.

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